How Big Is 1 Acre When Selling a Home? Acreage Explained

Why Knowing Acreage Matters When Selling Your Home Quickly for Cash

Did you know the Amazon Rainforest is over 1 billion acres big? This fact helps us understand just how large an acre is. Knowing the size of an acre is very important when buying, selling, or building on land. It affects the property’s worth and what you can do with it.

How big is 1 acre? Well, an acre is a way to measure land used in the US and other places. When you’re buying a house, you’ll hear about land in acres, which is different from the house’s inside measurements, which is calculated in square feet.

If you’re buying a home, selling one, or working in real estate, understanding an acre is crucial. It helps you make smart choices and navigate the real estate world easily. Not only that, but understanding how to visual an acre is also critical in making quick assessments of a property. In this guide, we’ll explore what acres are, where they came from, and why they matter when buying or selling a house.

An aerial view of two plots of land on Acacia Drive, with one plot marked as 2 acres and the other as 1 acre. The land is located in a desert-like area with mountains in the background.

Key Takeaways

  • An acre is a unit of area equivalent to 43,560 square feet.
  • The average cost of an acre in the United States was $3,800 in 2022, but varies a lot by state.
  • Commercial acreage usually includes 36,000 square feet, making it 82.6% of a standard acre.
  • It’s easier to think of an acre in terms of a football field or tennis courts.
  • Knowing about an acre’s size is key for those dealing with land, whether buying, selling, or building on it.

Understanding the Size of an Acre

Long ago, an acre was the land a yoke of oxen could plow in a day. Today, it’s 43,560 square feet.

Definition of an Acre

The idea of an acre came from the land oxen could plow. This was a big field for growing food.2A long time ago, it was decided that an acre was four rods wide by 40 rods long. Each rod was 16.5 feet.2

Visualizing an Acre

Think of an American football field to understand the size of an acre. A football field is a bit bigger than an acre, covering 48,000 square feet. This makes it slightly larger than the 43,560 square feet in an acre.1

1 acre measured against a football field.
1 acre against a football field

Conversion of Acre to Other Units

One acre is equal to different areas in other units:2

  • Acre in square feet = 43,560 square feet2
  • Acre in square yards = 4,840 square yards2
  • Acre in square meters = 4,056.86 square meters2
  • Acre in square hectares = 0.405 square hectares2
  • Acre in square miles = 0.00156 square miles2
  • Acre in square kilometers = 0.00404 square kilometers2

Knowing about acres is really important for land buyers and sellers.

Common Shapes and Dimensions

One acre can be different shapes like rectangles, circles, or hexagons. But, the most common shape is 660 feet by 66 feet. This is also known as one furlong by one chain.

How big is 1 acre selling home

The size of an acre is very important when selling a home. It affects the property’s value directly. An acre is 43,560 square feet. This area and its zoning can limit what homeowners do, like adding a pool.

An acre is also 4,840 square yards, 4,056.86 square meters, and more. In 2022, the average price for an acre in the U.S. was $3,800. But, prices change a lot by state. For example, New Jersey and California have the highest prices per acre. Yet, New Mexico and Montana have the lowest.

Commercial acreage is usually 82.6% of a standard acre, which is 36,000 square feet. It’s about 90% of a football field. Also, it equals 16 tennis courts or 242 sedans. Plus, it’s like 18 average-sized homes or other relatable things.

Methods for Measuring Your Lot Size

Figuring out your lot size matters a lot when you’re buying or selling a house. You can use different ways to check how big your property is. Each way has its own good parts and things to think about.

Professional Land Survey

Getting a professional to survey your land is super accurate. They use the best tools to find your exact property lines. They give you a report that stands up legally, which is great for big deals or fixing property line arguments.

Examining Property Deeds

Your property deed shows your land’s legal description. This includes size and where it ends. But, this might be hard to understand, so getting help from a real estate lawyer is a good idea.

Infographic titled 'What Equals an Acre?' explaining that one acre is approximately the size of one football field without end zones, 18 average-sized homes of 2,400 square feet each, or 1,584 potatoes lined up end-to-end. The infographic includes illustrations of a football field, homes, and potatoes to visually represent these comparisons.

Using Plat Maps

A plat map lays out a piece of land with all its lots. It has detailed sizes and borders of each piece. You can get one from your area’s assessor or city hall. It clearly shows your lot and how it fits with others.

Manual Measurement Techniques

For small lots, you can measure it yourself. A measuring tape or a wheel measure works well. Find your lot’s edges and then its length and width. Multiply these to find the square footage. If your lot isn’t a simple shape, break it into parts, measure those parts, and add them up.

Calculating Acreage from Square Feet

Want to find out how many acres your land is? Just take the square footage and divide it by 43,560. For example, 300,000 square feet equals 6.89 acres when you do the math.

Conversion Formula

The formula is dividing square footage by 43,560 to get acres. It’s a straightforward way to know the size of your lot.

Examples of Square Feet to Acres

Square FeetAcres

Look at these examples to see how it works. It’s an easy way to figure out your land’s size in acres.

Understanding the Builder’s Acre

A builder’s acre is not the same as a traditional acre. It’s a bit smaller, measuring 40,000 square feet. This is less than the usual acre size of 43,560 square feet. It’s important for real estate agents to be aware of this. Misleading about the area size can cause legal troubles.

MeasurementStandard AcreBuilder’s Acre
Square Feet43,56040,000
Square Yards4,8404,444
Square Meters4,0473,716

The name “Builder’s Acre” was created to make selling land easier. It shows a bit less land than an acre really has.5 Knowing this helps both sellers and buyers. It makes sure everyone understands the true size and value of the property.

Factors Affecting Land Pricing

Understanding land value involves many key factors. They truly shape the land’s price. As you deal in real estate, knowing these can be very helpful.


The land’s location is a big deal in setting its price. Being close to cities or beautiful nature can make a big difference.

Places with more people often mean higher land prices. This is because space can be limited.

Zoning and Land Use

How the land can be used affects its cost. Commercial zones are usually pricier than others. This is because they can make more money.

Accessibility and Infrastructure

Having easy access to roads and utilities is good for land value. Well-maintained lands are more wanted and can cost more.

Topography and Views

Land that is flat, has good water drainage, or looks beautiful can cost more. People love these features.

Overall, land value depends on its location, how it’s zoned, its ease of access, and what it looks like. Knowing about these can guide your decisions in real estate.

Variations in Land Costs Across States

Land costs change a lot from state to state. Some places have high prices, others are cheaper to buy.

High-Cost States

States like California, New Jersey, and New York have expensive land. They can sometimes cost millions per acre. In New York, NY, land might go up to $5.2 million an acre. Los Angeles-Long Beach, CA can reach $2.6 million. Even in Stamford-Norwalk, CT, it can hit $1.5 million.8

Low-Cost States

But, in more rural spots like Montana, Wyoming, and New Mexico, lands are cheaper. They can go for $1,000 to $5,000 per acre. For example, Wyoming land is around $1,558 an acre. New Mexico’s average price is just $6,000 per acre.9 Arizona has more affordable land, around $4,000 an acre, thanks to lots of undeveloped areas.

Prices change for many reasons. Things like location, zoning, access, and nature all play a part. Knowing these differences can help buyers and investors pick the right land.

Benefits of Owning Acreage

Purchasing a larger property with more acreage has many perks. It’s not just about a bigger house. The extra land brings benefits that can make life better and can be a good investment.


With more acreage, you get more privacy. There’s more space between you and your neighbors.10 This means you can enjoy a quiet and calm life, away from busy areas.

Building Opportunities

Having a big lot gives you room to build what you want. You can add guest houses, more rooms, or any structure you need. This means you can make your property perfect for you, whether you’re living there or renting it out.

Outdoor Space

With plenty of acreage, you have lots of room for outdoor fun. You can garden, play outside, or even have a big pool.10 Your land can be a personal paradise, perfect for having fun, relaxing, and hanging out with loved ones.

Commercial vs. Residential Acreage

It’s key to know the difference between commercial and residential land. A commercial acre is not the same as the regular acre for homes.

Definition of Commercial Acre

After adding things like curbs and sidewalks, a commercial acre is left with 36,000 square feet. This is 82.6% of a standard acre.

Differences in Size and Measurement

Commercial lots are smaller than residential ones. They are 36,000 square feet, while a regular acre is 43,560 sq ft. This is because commercial areas need more for parking, signs, and other business needs.12

If you’re buying land, knowing these details is critical. It guides your choices for business or home property. This knowledge affects the land’s value and its use.

Real-Life Acreage Comparisons

Sports Field Comparisons

Imagine an acre like a big piece of land. It’s about 90% of a football field’s size. That’s 43,560 square feet,1 with a football field at 48,000 square feet. You can also fit 16 tennis courts in one acre comfortably.

Everyday Object Comparisons

Think of an acre in different ways. It could fit 242 sedans in a row, 1,584 potatoes, or 696,960 Post-it notes. For bigger things, the Roman Colosseum is 6 acres, and the White House area is 18.7 acres. To compare, New York City is about 205,000 acres.


It’s key to know about acres when you deal with land. A whole acre has 43,560 square feet. Learn about acre stuff, like this info, and how land gets priced. This helps you be smart in your real estate deals.

It’s smart to look at land costs in different places. In the U.S., an acre could cost $17,500 on average. Yet, prices can go from $4,545 in Wyoming to $85,633 in Rhode Island12. Also, know that a standard acre is 43,560 square feet, but a commercial acre is 36,000 square feet, which is 82.6% of standard size112. This helps you understand the real estate scene better.

Buying land can give you more space and privacy. Plus, you might get a chance to build something or enjoy the outdoors. Consider these pluses when thinking about land. The size of an acre is key in making good land decisions. Knowing this helps with your real estate plans.


What is the definition of an acre?

An acre is a common way to measure land in the U.S. and elsewhere. It’s the same as 43,560 square feet.

What are the historical origins of the acre measurement?

The acre came from how much land could be plowed in one day. This was with a yoke of oxen. The word “acre” comes from the Latin word “ager,” which means field. In the 13th century, an acre was set as four rods wide by 40 rods long. A rod was 16.5 feet.

How can an acre be converted to other units of measurement?

An acre can be changed into square feet, square yards, meters, hectares, miles, or kilometers.

How does the size of an acre compare to a football field?

A football field without the end zones is bigger than an acre. It covers 48,000 square feet.

How many tennis courts can fit within an acre?

You can fit fifteen tennis courts into one acre.

What are the typical dimensions of an acre?

A standard acre is 660 feet by 66 feet. This is also known as one furlong by one chain.

How can you measure the size of your land in acres?

Use a measuring tape or wheel measure to find the area. Then, divide by 43,560 to get acres. A land surveyor is best for very accurate measurements.

What is the difference between a standard acre and a builder’s acre?

A builder’s acre is smaller. It’s 40,000 square feet, not the standard 43,560 square feet.

What factors affect the price of land per acre?

Land price is influenced by location, zoning, and land use. Also, access to transportation and the land’s features matter.

How do land prices vary across different states?

In states like California, prices can be in the millions per acre. States like Montana might see prices from $1,000 to $5,000 per acre.

What are the benefits of owning a larger acreage?

With more land, you get more privacy and room for activities like gardening. You can also add things like guest houses or pools.

How does commercial acreage differ from residential acreage?

Commercial land is about 82.6% of a standard acre. This is because commercial areas need more space for buildings and other uses.

What are some real-life comparisons to help visualize the size of acre?

Think of a football field, tennis courts, or items like sedans, potatoes, and Post-it notes. These can help you understand an acre’s size.

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